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Intern in Namibia

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About us

  • We are all about the young travelers seeking to make an impact

  • We partner with a diverse range of organizations to ensure the best placement matching

  • We offer tailor made internship experiences

  • We make travel social, unique and easier



Kamatjona offers end-to-end internship experiences to your desires and needs. With the diverse range of local partner companies Kamatjona aims to provide the most complete internship experience available on the market. Many students have preceded you in the following fields.

  • Social sciences

  • Business

  • Education

  • Engineering

  • IT

  • NGO's

Why namibia?

  • International work experience

  • Intercultural competences

  • International connections and friends for life

  • one of the safest countries in Africa

  • You get the opportunity to gain hands-on experience 

Why namibia

  • Gain international work experience which can be of great benefit when you start your professional career

  • Develop your intercultural competences while learning and understanding other cultures

  • Make friends and international connections for life

  • Experience the real Africa while still being in a safe environment

  • Get the opportunity to gain hands-on experience

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Kamatjona has a long stay hostel for young travellers and interns. The Kamatjona House offers long stay accommodation (1 month or more) to volunteers and interns from across the world who are completing their programs in Windhoek. Located in the safe suburb of Eros, we are very close to shopping centers, medical centers and some of the coolest restaurants in Windhoek

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Kamatjona offers a wide variety of adventurous tours and cultural activities both during weekdays and weekend. an examples of the tours we offer are:

  • 3 Day safari in Etosha National Park

  • Surfers bootcamp in Swakopmund

  • Kapana Meat Market tour

  • 3 Day Sossusvlei tour

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