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About Us

Our Story

We want to encourage social contact and bring travellers close to the community in order to make a positive impact through responsible tourism by learning and skill sharing. We want to show Namibia's cultural diversity, unique landscape and thrilling landscape. 


We offer long stay tourism services such as co-living accommodation and safari tours targeted at remote workers and all young at heart adventure seekers.

The Kamatjona Community

In short, the Kamatjona is young-at-heart community of compassionate and adventurous individuals. From digital nomads, to gap year and university students, to long-stay travelers, our residents come from all walks of life and around the world.

While our policy is a week-minimum stay, many of our residents stay for one to multiple months, and end up coming back to stay with us again after falling in love with our beautiful Namibia. 

From volunteering, to exploring Windhoek nightlife, and taking group trips around the country, Kamatjona is truly a place to make lifelong memories and become part of a larger community.

The Kamatjona Experience


While we offer self drive and guided safari tour packages, we specialize in social group trips, where you can share incredible experiences with fellow travelers.


Our youthful team, community volunteering partners, and unique co-living arrangements create an intimate, authentic experience where you can become part of the larger local community.


Unlike a hostel or hotel experience, we arrange all tours for you, and personally accompany you to guide your travels. Not only do we alleviate you of planning logistics, we make sure to steer clear of tourist traps.

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