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Real Change

Starts with you

Why Volunteer with us?

When you volunteer with Kamatjona you become a member of our tribe. Our tribe is made up of young people from all around the world and we cant wait for you to join us!!!


Your time and skills are valuable and we take them seriously like we should by making sure that your project experience leaves a meaningful impact.


None of our volunteers will ever replace people on the ground. Our volunteers come to Namibia to give and not take.


Volunteering does not have to be boring. Our volunteer schedules give you enough time to explore the wonders of Namibia.

24/7 Support

Your well being while volunteering with us is our top priority. Our team is always there to ensure you are safe and comfortable.


Nobody knows Namibia like Namibians. Our team is local and cant wait to take you off the well worn path :)

Subject area of interest

Select a subject area that interests you and we will get back to you with different project options in that subject area that are available within your specified available time.


Can you teach a class in English? Are you passionate about children and teaching?


Do you enjoy doing community work? Would you like to take part in a social welfare project?


Do you care about animals and their well being? Do you want to help protect them?


Do you want to help people who can't afford private health care? Do you enjoy caring for the sick?



Help to creatre a stable mental health campus to combat the mental health suicide stigma starting with Namibia

What is included in our volunteer packages


You will receive two orientation sessions. One session will be online  before you travel to Namibia and the next one will be a day after you arrive

Daily Commute

A taxi will take you to and from your volunteer location during week days. All other trips are not covered.


Accommodation will only be provided in Windhoek. If you decide to make any trips outside Windhoek you will have to arrange your own accommodation .


We ensure you have the right Visa for your stay as a volunteer in Namibia. You will have your visa ready before you travel.

Welcome pack

On arrival in Windhoek you will receive a sim card with 2gb data, a T-Shirt, a Map of Namibia and a hug :) 

Airport Transfers

When you land in Namibia someone will be waiting for you in the arrival hall. A transfer at the end of your trip is also arranged for you in advance.


Have a light meal every morning. Bread, milk cereals and eggs are ill be supplied twice a week. All other meals and snacks you will have to buy for yourself.


Get a certificate of completion when your program is complete as well as a report written about you stay with us.


We have weekly camping tours to different destinations around Namibia. For every 4 weeks you stay with us you get a free camping tour.

A good time guaranteed

Trust us, we know what we are doing. We are the real vibe keepers and we always keep it LIT!!!

What is Not included in our volunteer packages


Prices quoted by Kamatjona do not include flights. However we are more than happy to advise you on which flights are the best to take at different times of the year.

Lunch and dinner

Only breakfast will be served daily. For all other meals you will have to cater for yourself or eat out at any of the many Windhoek restaurants.

Travel insurance

Please ensure you have a reliable travel and health insurance as we don't provide any cover for you. Once again we are happy to point you in the right direction.

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