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Social Work Internship Track

Social work

Prepare yourself for social work in Namibia. In this line of work you will learn a diverse way of thinking as you explore the life in a developing country. Your ability to adapt to new environments will be key here. In your daily work you will be expected to engage families in domestic violence and drug addiction issues. This internship will push you out of your comfort zone. Are you ready?


Work in the capital city of Namibia with people of all ages. You will join a Psychology practice that is led by one of the best Psychologists in Namibia and you will leave with a diverse skill set from all your experiences. You will work weekdays from 9am to 5pm with exception of Fridays when you will have a half day. 

Psychology Internship Track



Namibia has a number of endangered species that are protected at various wildlife sanctuaries. You will have the opportunity to learn from our veterinarians and park rangers who have a wealth of experience working in African ecosystems. Spend your weekends on Safaris or simply relaxing by the pool.

Wildlife Internship Track

Tourism & Hospitality

Work at one of Namibia's most beautiful Holiday resorts where you will have your own room and all meals catered for. You will be doing various lines of work in the hospitality industry including hotel management, inventory and service delivery. Your weekends are free so you can explore everything the resort has to offer.

Tourism & Hospitality Track
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