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21st century skills for Namibia's future workforce

our after school programs



Game Development

Cloud Computing

Robotics for Kids

This program utililises simple robotics kits like lego and lil-bits to teach kids how to build robots and program them to perform simple tasks. This program lasts the duration of the school term (3 months) and is targeted at children between the ages of 9 and 13. Each class has a maximum of 20 kids that come in twice a week.


Fundamentals of coding

During this 3 month program teens start from drag and drop programming and progress to code writing in Java. After three months they are expected to team up and build a simple android application that solves a problem in their community.

Intro to game development

This program is designed for primary school children. They make use of an open source game builder (Scratch) to build out a variety of games. In the process they will learn how to build fun, educational games that they can share with their friends.


Cloud computing for beginners

Targeted at final year high school students, this program seeks to introduce students to the 4th industrial revolution by teaching them cloud concepts and their applications in the real world. Candidates selected for this program will be expected to pass a Microsoft cloud certification exam at the end of the program.

Cloud Computing
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