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Accommodated Safari Tours 

Experience the perfect blend of luxury and adventure with our company's accommodated tours. From deluxe lodges in stunning locations to expertly guided safaris, we offer a seamless journey that combines comfort with thrilling exploration.

N$21 800

Desert and Coastal Discovery, 5 Days

This tour offers a seamless transition from Namibia's desert wonders to the scenic Atlantic coast, showcasing some of the country's premier attractions over five days. Explore the ancient Namib Desert, home to the world's highest dunes including Sossusvlei, Dune 45, Sesriem Canyon, and the surreal Deadvlei. Cap off your adventure in Swakopmund, renowned for its charming seaside ambiance, palm-fringed streets, excellent dining, coastal promenades, and idyllic beaches.

N$32 800

Savannah Explorer Tour, 7 Days

Experience Namibia's premier highlights on this exclusive tour. Journey through the ancient Namib Desert, witness towering sand dunes at Sossusvlei, explore the vibrant coastal towns of Walvis Bay and Swakopmund, and culminate your adventure with an unforgettable safari in the renowned Etosha National Park.

N$69 800

Ultimate Wildlife Encounter, 11 Days

Experience one of our most immersive Namibia Tours yet. This safari offers a fully accommodated itinerary with stays at a variety of lodges and guesthouses carefully selected for comfort and charm. Designed to highlight Namibia's most breathtaking destinations, it encompasses stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife encounters, and captivating cultural experiences.

N$83 300

Wild Namibia Expedition,15 Days

Enjoy your stay in a superb array of lodges and guesthouses, immersing yourself in Namibia's unparalleled wilderness, set amidst pristine and often secluded landscapes, and engage with its vibrant communities along the way.

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