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Electrical engineering internship at Namibia's first electrical mobilising company

We are looking for a final year Bachelor of Technology and/or electrical engineering intern with a high interest in renewable energy. Who is motivated to learn and can contribute on the creative and innovative aspect of the business.

Duties and responsibilities

    • Research on battery assembly, BMS and battery housing, and building batteries (Li-ion)
    • Design and build electrical/electronic parts of the E-Bikes
    • Design and build the photovoltaic charging station's electrical parts
    • Research and implement the Pay-as-you-go concept
    • Research and implement efficient methods to use GPS tracking
    • Data collection
    • Create product manuals
    • Develop safety mechanisms


    • Must be a final year Bachelor of Technology Electronic/Electrical Engineering, or Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic/Electrical Engineering student, or someone who recently completed their studies in the above
    • Must be motivated and willing to learn
    • Must be creative and innovative
    • Must have troubleshooting skills
    • Must have an interest in renewable energy
    • Must have basic knowledge on solar panels and solar systems
    • Must be skilled in Electronic System Design, Electronic communications, Coding in both Python and C
    • Must be skilled in research and communication
    • Must be able to use Proteus and CAD
    • Must be able to work independently, and be able to come up with new initiatives and project ideas
    • Must have basic management experience and be able to lead a team


EBIKES4AFRICA is a social enterprise specialised in providing sustainable mobility and energy alternatives to users and communities across Africa.


    Transportation in the form of an e-bike

Internship Details

Start date



6 Months



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