Empowering domestic workers through mobile apps

This is a sales and marketing internship inside of one of Namibia’s hottest startups, RedApron. RedApron empowers domestic workers by allowing them to be connected to customers who need their services through mobile apps on android and iphone.

RedApron is a tech startup based in Windhoek, Namibia that aims to empower domestic workers by allowing them to meet customers who are looking for cleaning services through an app like Uber. Customers book a clean via a mobile app which can be found on the app store or play store and the nearest cleaner gets a notification on their phone that a customer needs their services.
Domestic workers that use the app are their own boss and get to choose when they want to work and which jobs they want to take. The domestic workers also get paid well as the app has standard prices meaning the workers do not get cheated. RedApron also opens the door for the domestic workers to get customers they previously could not service because of RedApron’s ability to create invoices automatically on the domestic worker’s behalf.
RedApron won a startup pitching competition recently and is now looking to grow and reach more customers. RedApron has a young diverse team and would like to continue to bring in new people from different backgrounds to come with new ideas and ways of doing things.

Project Details

Minimum Duration

12 weeks

Maximum Duration

12 Months



Minimum Age

19 years



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