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Our story

Since 2020, Kamatjona has been committed to creating sustainable, inclusive and healthy living environment for remote workers, digital nomad, artists and anyone looking to work as a community. Our partnerships with local community initiatives allow our guests to engage in community social projects and create unique experiences. Join our community and be part of a movement that values collaboration, creativity, and positive change.

Why choose kamatjona


We aim for long-stay tourism to share resources in a coliving house, travel together in our weekend getaway trips and support local businesses.


Become a part of the local community by volunteering with our local partners and cultivating unique personal relationships with locals. Our youthful team offer a more intimacy experience, networking, social and professional  events at our co-living space.


Cultural exchange

Our goal is to bring international travelers and local Namibians together to learn from each other and gain a deeper understanding of oneself outside their comfort zone and those around them, as well as to deepen knowledge of foreign cultures and strengthen international relationships.

Our youth programs

Social responsibility

Our youth programs aim to support

and empower young people in need.

These programs often focus on education, art and sports to help youth thrive and succeed.

We wish to make a positive impact on the lives of young people and contribute to building stronger, more resilient community.






Founded in 2020, we are a team of passionate entrepreneurs and hospitality specialists, born and raised in Namibia, dedicated to providing quality, sustainable long-stay travel experiences. At Kamatjona, we prioritize fostering personal relationships with our guests, ensuring we do everything we can to make this your home away from home


Tuta is a founder of Kamatjona. He has traveled extensively and always seeks to understand different cultures and destinations. He studied Business Information Technology at George Brown College in Toronto; however, he decided to follow his passion for adventures by providing experiences to young travelers who share the same passion for travel.

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