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5 Sunset Hotspots in Windhoek

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Hi there stranger, my name is Julia and I’m 24 years old. I spent three and a half months in Namibia from the beginning of September until mid of December 2019 doing an internship at a local school and exploring the beautiful country. During my stay I met wonderful people who showed me around Windhoek and gave me the opportunity to get to know nice places like wonderful sunset spots. The places mentioned in my blogpost are only a few of the many wonderful places to experience the namibian sunset. Maybe I can give you a better idea of how special this place on earth is:

1. Hotel Thule

Located on top of one of the beautiful hills in Windhoek, the view from Hotel Thule gives you a magnificent chance to see the skyline of the capital city. Surrounded by mountains and the magic of this city, you can treat yourself with a nice cocktail and snack. Lay back and enjoy the view, and most importantly experience the sunset. There might be a chance to take a nice Instagram shot as well.

2. Independence Museum

Located in the town center, next to Christ Church, you find the Independence museum. The tall building with a viewing platform on top allows you to enjoy a view over Windhoek. There’s a café on top of the museum which you can enter without any fee, but they want you to have something small. Enjoy a savannah and take it as a possibility to refresh and relax.

The opening hours are from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.. It may not be late enough to see the sun set but the view is worth a visit anyway.

3. Hilton Skybar

Located in the town center, the Hilton hotel offers a beautiful view from their skybar. Enjoy a nice cocktail and snack some biltong while watching the sunset with your friends. Maybe ask someone from the nice staff to take a picture of you and your friend group in front of the skyline of Windhoek.

Picture by @meinabenteuernamibia (Instagram)

4. Stratos Restaurant and Bar

Located across from the Hilton Hotel, the terrace on the 16th floor of the Avani hotel offers a similar view over the capital city. Enjoy the sunset while listening to modern african beats and dance along with your friends.

5. The Wine Bar

Located ten minutes apart from the Avani Hotel, you find the Wine bar on top of a small hill, allowing you to enjoy the sunset with one of the many excellent wines the bar offers. Even as a volunteer you can spoil yourself now and then. And if you don’t like wine, enjoy a cocktail, a nice Windhoek Lager or a Savannah.

Besides these hotspots, you can experience beautiful sunsets all over Windhoek, as it is pulled through of hills. The sunsets in Namibia are something else. Some people might even say you will feel closer to heaven. So, lay back, take a sip of your cool drink and enjoy.

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