• julemessi

Monthly Living Costs in Windhoek

Planning your volunteer or work experience in Namibia can be overwhelming. If you follow the Kamatjona Blog, you might have gathered some important tips already. But one thing that I wish I knew before coming to Namibia as a volunteer in 2019 was how much money I would roughly be spending during my six months stay. That is why I would like to share my experiences with you and try to give you an insight into living in Windhoek and how expensive my everyday life was, from rent and accommodation to grocery shopping and nights out. In a second part of this article I will try to give you an overview of travelling costs as well. So, let’s talk money!

Disclaimer: When I write about cheap or affordable prices, I am comparing the prices to what I am used to, living as a student in Germany. Please keep in mind that even though some things might appear affordable to you, a lot of the things I am mentioning below represent my personal daily lifestyle and might be out of financial reach for a lot of people in Namibia and are therefore not self-evident for everyone, so please be aware of your individual background.

Skyline of Windhoek