• Marthegr

Working out in Namibia

Hi, my name is Marthe. I was in Namibia for 3 months in the very start of 2020, as an intern through my studies in Norway. When I'm in Norway I like to stay active, and maybe what you would call fit - in my words: I like to take care of my body and be healthy. So going to Namibia I knew I wanted to work out in some kind of way, since I knew I wasn't going for a vacation, but for work and for (temporary) living. And that is what this blog post will be about - I want to give you, as an upcoming traveler to Namibia, the information I would think could come in handy before going. Even if you don't work out regularly at home, I think it is a nice thing to do to fill up your day to day life in Windhoek - it can bring so much energy and joy. It should be added that: I'm no fitness guru, nor am I working out 360 days a year - as I said, I like to take care of myself, but at the same time I like to enjoy myself. So just keep in mind that I'm just a completely regular person that works out on a completely regular stage.


In advance of our travel to Namibia we got recommended three different gyms. I'm going to give you some basic information on each of them, so that it will be easier to decide witch one you would like to look further into.

Virgin Active: is a typical gym where you have everything you need, for everything - even an Olympic sized swimming pool. You can also get classes throughout the day at this gym, and a lot of help from the staff. (www.virginactive.co.za/clubs/maerua-mall)

- The nearest one is located at Maerua mall witch is 5 km from Kamatjona Guesthouse, and is a 8 minutes car ride. There is also one virgin active gym at the Grove mall, but this is further away and it requires a more expensive membership to use them both.

Cost: US$80/month.