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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Can I have guests over?

As per House rules, you may have guests over but they must remain in common areas and must leave premises by 11 pm. This is for the safety and security of all guests and their belongings as well as adherence to neighborhood rules re noise levels. Read more 

2. Can friends or family sleep over?

Friends and family may not sleep over unless they book a bed (pending availability) and will be billed in full, separately.

3. May I host parties or gatherings/ braais?

Parties and social gatherings may be held with the consensus/ acknowledgement of all other occupants. Guests are encouraged to remain in common areas.

4. Do you have Wi-Fi?

Yes, we do have pretty fast internet with a average speed of 60 mbps. 

5. Do you have towels, hair dryers etc?

Towels are available. No other personal items/ appliances such as hair dryers are available.

6. Are the kitchens fully equipped?

Yes, all 2 kitchens on the property are fully equipped.

7. Do I have to sign a contract and pay deposit?

Guests are required to sign a guestbook and pay a refundable security deposit of 800 NAD which will be retained in the case of any breakages to property or contents or if something goes missing. This will be determined the day before checkout via a property inspection.

Please note that if damage/ breakage or items are missing and the replacement amount exceeds 800 NAD, you will be liable to fully settle this amount.

8. Is my key deposit refundable?

Yes, the key deposit is fully refundable upon return of all keys issued.

9. What does the move in inspection entail?

10. When is laundry done?

You may make use of the laundry room to wash personal items. Bedding is washed once every twice a week as per schedule on notice boards.

11. When cleaning done?

Cleaning of common areas is done three times a week. Cleaning of rooms are done on request at no additional cost.

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