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Why choose kamatjona

Why we do It

We want to encourage social contact and bring travelers closer to the community in order to make a positive impact through responsible tourism by learning and skill sharing. Experiencing Namibia's cultural diversity, unique landscapes, and thrilling adventure is also essential.

How we do It

Kamatjona: Making Your Wanderlust Dreams Come True

What we do

We offer a dynamic fully furnished, comfortable co-living accommodation in Windhoek, facilitate volunteer placement experiential tours designed and tailored for the young traveler, digital nomads, adventure seekers and volunteers.

Travel Together

Experience Namibia's natural beauty with a Kamatjona safari, cultural, gastronomic, and adventure tours. We make travel more social. Whether you join us on a guided solo, group or self drive tours, our trips are designed so you can share incredible experiences with young at heart travelers just like you.

Unique Experiences

We bring travelers close to the local community, we have a youthful team, offer a more intimacy experience, networking, social and professional  events at our co-living space. 

All The Details Sorted

We make travel easier. You get transport, accommodation and a bunch of delicious meals all included in the price of your trip*, so you never have to worry about the details. Our expert Trip Managers & Guides sort out the logistics and help you avoid tourist traps everywhere you go.

Our youth programs

awareness workshop on discovering careers

Social media manager

Digital nomad session

Block chain

Digital agriculture

Digital marketing


Kamatjona Young Women In Tourism project (KYWIT)

Designing and offering local gastronomy services, cultural design

Youth outreach

Mental health symposium outreach

Visit Prisons


Radio youth programs


We are enthusiastic to giving you the best service possible. Its quite easy since  we can relate to you. Also, having lasting friendships with all Kamatjonians is our goal!



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