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Nam - Swakies 3 Days

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Swakopmund is known as the activity capital of Namibia, nowhere else in the country travelers will find such a variety of possible activities. Excursions can be made up to 30km south to Walvis Bay.


Quad bike, Skydiving, Catamaran Safari, Living Desert, Horse ride, Surfing, 4x4 Sandwich Harbor Safari

What to Expect

Day 1
We leave Windhoek at around 10:30 am, we set off towards the west of Namibia. The ride takes about 4 hours, including a 30 min break. The closer we get to the coast, the more you notice that the landscape is changing and everything is getting more sandy. The temperature also changes. In Swakopmund it is best to pack some clothes for all weather conditions. In the morning it is still mostly foggy and fresh, at noon it can be sunny without wind and warm and in the evening it becomes fresh again and the wind increases. We will arrive at our hostel in the late afternoon and you will be sleeping in a 4 bedroom dorm.

Day 2
Today is a day full of activities! Swakopmund has too many activities to offer. You are free to choose which of the many activities you want to do. Some of these activities can easily be booked within Swakopmund, others would be 1/2 day trips outside of Swakopmund.

The tours outside of Swakopmund would be a trip down south to Walvis Bay to join a catamaran tour and go to the Instagram beloved Pink Lakes. Another trip, which leads exactly in the other direction of the coast, to the north, is a trip along the Skeleton Coast where we can see ship wrecks and one of the largest seal colony called Cape Cross with up to 100,000 seals. All other activities that you can book within Swakopmund are listed on the later pages. If you still need to work a bit we can show you a coworking space in town. In the evening we can look for some bar with live music and some local food

Day 3
This morning you have the last chance to book one of the listed activities before we head off to Windhoek again. Let‘s arrange our morning activities so that we can leave around 1 pm. We recommend doing the half-day activities. We will be back in Windhoek around 4 -5 pm.

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