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4 Weekend Trip Destinations

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Hi there stranger, my name is Julia and I’m 24 years old. I spent three and a half months in Namibia from the beginning of September until mid of December 2019 doing an internship at a local school and exploring the beautiful country. During my stay I met wonderful people who showed me around Windhoek and other beautiful places.

Even though Windhoek itself already is a beautiful place, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to explore the rest of the country through many offered weekend trips. I’ve listed a few weekend trip destinations that you should not miss:

1. Swakopmund

Located about 350km west from Windhoek, Swakopmund is always worth a visit. While many people value the German architecture from colonialism, the most important thing for me is nature and food. What is also special about Swakop (that’s how locals call it) is its sand dunes. Climb on the highest dune in the world, the Dune 7, which is located on your way to Walvis Bay, the biggest harbour town in Namibia.

You might even see flamingos chilling by the beach on the right-hand side while driving to Walvis. Besides that, there are many possibilities to explore the Namibian desert in Swakop. Book a quad bike tour through the dunes, where your guide will tell you about the desert’s uniqueness or go dune surfing with your friends.

See dolphins, pelicans and seals on a boat tour in Walvis Bay, maybe you’re lucky and you even spot a whale.

Good food is always a big factor, so start your day with a phenomenal breakfast at the Village Café. During the day you might enjoy a delicious ice cream at the food truck “Fork ‘n Nice”, which is located on the beach side next to the “Strandhotel”. Have lunch at “Wurstbude” enjoying a delicious pizza while soaking up the Namibian sun (they also have vegetarian options). If you like seafood, spoil yourself with a dinner at “The Tug” while watching the beautiful sunset over the ocean. Something comparable could be the “Bluegrass” restaurant at the shopping mall “Platz am Meer”.

The view from "The Tug" "Village Café"

If you want to choose something “extra” to spoil yourself, maybe go for a nice massage at “Strandhotel” or “Seaside Hotel and Spa”, but make sure to book in advance. I went for a full body “Hot Stone Massage” at the “Seaside Hotel and Spa” for an hour and the price was about 500 ND (approx. 24€). The location was breath taking as well.

There are several museums and souvenir shops, which could be interesting for you too.

2. Spitzkoppe

Located about 280km northwest from Windhoek, Spitzkoppe is a magical place that offers you a unique experience in the Namib desert. The environment is special for its inselbergs that are more than 120 million years old. On your way you might find lots of booths of mostly Damara people (you might have heard their unique click sounds) who offer handmade souvenirs like gemstones. When I visited one of their shops a Damara woman told me, that her husband works in a mine nearby and brings her the gemstones and she processes them into beautiful jewellery. The stones also have individual meanings, which can be a nice souvenir for your friends and family at home.

Spitzkoppe offers you to hike and climb the landscape (always follow your guide) and gives you magnificent views throughout the desert. But don’t get too caught up in taking thousands of pictures, rather enjoy this once in a lifetime experience. Within this beautiful area, you can see many examples of bushmen paintings and local guides will be happy to tell you a lot about it. You can experience Spitzkoppe sleeping in a lodge or under the stars on the campsite. Enjoy the feeling of endless horizons and magical sunsets and sunrises. Camping might also be a good way to get to know your fellow volunteers or other group members. There are several offered tours and if you need any recommendations, feel free to ask us for assistance. Spitzkoppe is surely a must-do when you’re exploring Namibia.

3. Etosha National Park

Safari might be the first word you think of if you want to travel Africa. Did you know that Safari means “journey” in Swahili? What a perfect meaning for an experience like that.

Photo by @lisagre_ (Instragram)

At Etosha National Park, you will get the chance to see elephants, giraffes, lions, zebras, leopards, cheetahs and the list goes on… About 415km north of Windhoek, Etosha not only offers you to see the big five (elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard), but also offers beautiful landscapes including the salt pans which are high of minerals. The salt pans always seem like from out of space and look like as if they were part of the moon landscape. Around the pans there are waterholes which function as a magnet for animals. The waterholes are therefore the best place to watch animals in their natural environment and for taking pictures. Your tour guide will know which waterholes offer the best views and provide you with endless possibilities to take pictures.

But don’t forget: it’s really is a magical experience, so take a few minutes to soak in the uniqueness of these moments. As always, we are there to recommend the perfect tour for you and your friends.

Photo by @lisagre_ (Instragram)

Photo by @lisagre_ (Instragram)

4. Sossusvlei/Deadvlei

One of the several destination highlights in Namibia is definitely Sossusvlei. Located about 365km southwest of Windhoek, the magical place consists of a salt and clay pan surrounded by high red dunes in the Namib desert. You might already know a picture of Sossusvlei as it is a very famous image of the African desert. The pink-to-orange coloured sand dunes offer you amazing views over the unique landscape and make you feel close to the earth and its source of life.

Photo by @lisagre_ (Instragram)

Photo by @lisagre_ (Instragram)

Two kilometres apart from Sossusvlei, you will find Deadvlei, a former oasis, which is special for its dead acacia trees embedded within the pan. The fascinating landscape is definitely worth a visit and a unique image to remember.

Photo by @lisagre_ (Instragram)

Just like Etosha and Spitzkoppe, Sossusvlei has campsites where you can camp with your tour guide and friends. As there is no air or light pollution, you can experience a magical night full of stars as you are seemingly very close to the milky way.

Photo by @meinabenteuernamibia (Instagram)

As always, if you have questions feel free to ask me. There are so many places to explore in Namibia, so book a tour, pack your bags and let's go!

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