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Nam - Flava 7 Days

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We cover 6 nights and 7 days the adventure spots in Namibia. We go from wildlife places, seashore, sandy to world oldest desert. This is a camping, luxury camping and hotel accommodation tour.


Discover the magnificent diverse landscape of Namibia, and the two greatest attractions- the Namib Desert and Etosha National Park.

What to Expect

Day 1: Etosha
Distance: Windhoek to Etosha 450km

Depart from Windhoek heading north of the country to experience the most iconic safari in Africa at the Etosha National Park. Located in the northwest of Namibia, Etosha National Park covers an area of 22 270 kilometers making it one of the largest national parks in Africa. The word “Etosha” means a “place of dry water” or “great white place” due to its dramatic and chalk-like salt pans. The pan covers approximately 130 kilometers long and 50 kilometers wide giving the national park its most distinctive feature which can be seen from space. It is recommended to enjoy a self-drive of this national park as the beauty of Namibia cannot be understated.

This national park does not only brag its salt pan but has much diversity like its golden grass plains, mopane vegetation, wonderful bird species and the most exciting is spotting wild animals. Look forward to seeing zebras, the rare-faced impala, oryx, cheetahs, girrafe and four of the Big Five.

The ideal overnight stop will be at the Okaukuejo main rest camp. Famous for its floodlit waterhole this camp is the administrative centre of Etosha. After sunset floodlights illuminate the waterhole where guests can enjoy the wide variety of wildlife that surround the camp. This is the best time to see the endangered black rhino.

Day 2: EtoshaWhen the sun begins to rise, wake up to the beautiful sound of birds chipping and a scenic view of nature. After a hearty breakfast it’s time for some safari adventure. Take a morning safari drive with a guide and spot some of Africa’s most surreal wildlife. Don’t forget your camera as this an experience of a lifetime and its best to capture the moments.
In the afternoon, enjoy magnificent views from the Lookout Tower and cool off at the swimming pool at the camp. Other facilities include a restaurant, bar and kiosk.
In the evening head back to the waterhole and watch the numbers and interactions of the animals.

Day 3: Damaraland
Distance: Etosha to Damaraland 316km

Heading southwest of Etosha, continue the journey to Damaraland - the home of giant desert elephants. Damaraland is situated on the north face of the Huab River Valley which hosts ancient valleys and soaring Brandberg mountains. The Huab River flows only once or twice during the short rainy season and brings the area to life. At other times it gets clouded with early morning mists created by the meeting of the chilly Atlantic breeze and the warm desert air.

Check in at the beautiful Damaraland Camp. This camp is rated as the most successful eco-tourism venture in the country as it integrates the local communities, the environment and wildlife on a sustainable basis.

After setting up, join one of the exciting activities that the camp has to offer like mountain biking or taking an afternoon game drive to spot the amazing desert-adapted elephants. Another great activity is taking a day excursion to the world famous Twelfontein rock art, a newly proclaimed World Heritage Site in Namibia. Derived from the Afrikaans language, Twelfontein means “uncertain springs”. It is a site of ancient rock engravings created first by hunter-gatherers and later by the Khoikhoi herders who inhabited the site for 6000 years. Both ethnic groups used the site as a place of worship and to conduct shamanist rituals. While performing these rituals they created at least 2,500 items of rock carvings and few rock paintings. It’s a place like no other and definitely worth visiting.

At the end of the day, relax by star-gazing under the crystal clear night sky at the camp.

Day 4: Swakopmund
Distance: Damaraland to Swakopmund 359km

It’s up to an early start today. Travel south-west of Damaraland to the picturesque coastal city, Swakopmund. A few kilometers before reaching the city, experience the transition from wilderness to desert landscapes. It sits like an oasis between the Atlantic Ocean and the Namib Desert. Once entering the city it’s quick to notice the traditional German architecture neatly constructed along palm-lined streets. The city was established in 1892 by German colonies who needed a seaport. The city’s name comes from its location at the mouth (“mund” is German for “mouth”) of the Swakop River.

The Skeleton Beach Backpackers is situated a mere 20 min walk from the town centre making it the ideal place to stay in Swakopmund. It has a garden, terrace, bar and a shared lounge.

Famously known as the colourful activity centre of Namibia, it’s the country’s most popular vacation destination attracting not only foreign visitors but locals from all over the country. This city is the perfect spot for adventure lovers. Participate in one of the many activities offered to keep your adrenaline levels high. From deep sea fishing, quad biking, riding e-bikes, sandboarding on the dunes, camel riding and sky-diving- anyone who loves the outdoors will definitely keep busy here.

Day 5: Walvis bay & Swakopmund
Distance: Swakopmund to Walvis Bay 35.2 km

Start the day by having a delightful breakfast at the terrace of the hostel. Located south of Swakopmund is the largest coastal city in the country, Walvis Bay. Known for it’s port, Walvis Bay’s history dates back to its discovery by the explorer Bartholomeus Diaz in 1487 and later by the Dutch in 1793. The city’s name comes from the bay on which it lies.

Experience the most scenic drive of your life on the way to Walvis Bay. The road runs between the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and the Namib Desert- a view one can imagine only seeing in movies.

Discover the bird sanctuary of Pink Flamingoes and other bird species on the C14 road. Step out of the car for a few minutes, take a small nature walk while watching the colony of flamingoes.

Other main activities around Walvis bay include taking the Catamaran tour where you can encounter seals and pelicans on board on the boat cruise and the Sanwhich Harbour excursion that explores the mind-blowing scenes of where the desert meets the ocean. The stunning Pink-lake is worth a visit too.

After a long day of fun activities, it’s time to head back to Swakopmund. Have a refreshing local beer at the hostel with other travelers or go out for dinner to taste some local delicious food at a restaurant in the city.

Day 6: Sossusvlei & Seisriem
Distance: Swakopmund to Sossusvlei 346.6 km

Get a pre-dawn start this morning and head to the next exciting destinations- Sossusvlei and Seisriem. Sossusvlei is located in the southern part of the ancient Namib Desert in the Namib-Naukluft National Park. The name roughly means “dead-end march” and has mixed origin from the Afrikaans word “vlei” which means “marsh” and the Nama word “sossus” which means “no return”. This name is derived from the fact that it is a drainage basin without outflows for the transient Tsauchab River.

Take in all the Namibian beauty as you arrive at Sossusvlei and find the iconic red dunes of the Namib and the bright blue skies. These unique dunes rise to approximately 400 meters making them some of the highest in the world. These dunes deliver a spectacular view best at sun rise and sunset making it a great photographers opportunity. Sossusveli also boasts its flora and fauna.

There are many options of activities to do here such as visiting the rock formations at the Seisriem Canyon, going to the Instagram worthy Deadvlei and hiking up Big Daddy which is the highest sand hill of 325 meters.

Settle in for the night at the Seisriem Campsite which is located 4 kilometers from the Seisriem Canyon and unwind by the crackling fire place after having a fulfilling dinner.

Day 7: Windhoek
Distance: Seisriem to Windhoek 305.8 km

On the final day of the trip, start with any half-day activity. On the way back to Windhoek make a stop by Solitaire to taste the most famous apple pie in Namibia. Solitaire is a small settlement that is located 144 km northeast of Sossusvlei near the Namib-Naukluft National Park and features a bakery, café, souvenir shop and petrol station.

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