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5 fundamental things you should bring to Namibia

Hey guys, I'm Celina from Germany and I have lived and worked as a volunteer teacher in Namibia's beautiful capital, Windhoek. When it came to packing I had no idea what exactly to take with me (besides clothes and all essential documents) even though there was plenty of information online. As I don't want you to go through the same problem as I did, I set up a list of my top 5 personal belongings you should definitely bring to Namibia. Enjoy! :)

1. Moisturizing cream. Be sure to pack it up. In Namibia, there is practically no humidity and your skin will dry out incredibly fast, so it is absolutely necessary to pack good moisturizing cream. And don't be surprised, nosebleeds in the first days or weeks are quite normal, so don't be frightened!

2. Hot-water bottle. "Dude, I'm going to Africa...I don't need that." The second I got off the plane at 6 am in Windhoek, I already regretted it. Trust me, there's no harm in packing warm clothes like a winter jacket and especially a cap for these months. The Namibian winter will actually be freezing cold. From May/June/July onwards a hot-water bottle will be worth a mint.

3. Serenity. Some of you will find this a huge challenge. But be prepared for the fact that the clocks tick differently in Africa. Cosiness, serenity and plenty of time are at the top of the agenda. You should quickly say goodbye to hustle and bustle and and time pressure... 

4. Binoculars: Must-have for a safari trip, like Etosha National Park: binoculars. It probably couldn't be more touristy, but believe me, it makes animal watching easier and more exciting.

5. Camera. As simple as this might sound, don’t make the same mistake I did.  Take a good camera since you’ll have the chance to take the most beautiful landscape and animal pictures.

Of course, this is only a fraction of what you should take with you for your adventure trip to Namibia. By all means, don't forgot all the other really important documents like credit card, passport (+ a copy of it), international driver’s license, vaccination certificate, etc. 

So, what are you still waiting for? Pack your bags and get on the plane - the Namibian sun is already waiting for you! Keep calm and stay fruity! ;)

Much love.

xoxo Celli

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